The Catawba Falls trail is closed until spring of 2024. Click here to find alternative waterfall and hiking trails.

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Lookout At Trail's End

The Lookout at Trail's End is located inside Jack’s Mountain Preserve and is a peaceful retreat located outside the charming town of Old Fort. This 1 bedroom/1 Bathroom get-away is a new addition to the community of Jack's Mountain.

Guests have full access to the transformed, former 40-acre golf course now serving the residential community as a public walking trail and nature area. A relaxing space for a picnic!

Jack's Mountain Get-Away 1

The passive solar home is available seasonally to guests between May and October. Guests will enjoy the upper-level living spaces and inspirational views of wildlife and native plants including regional varieties of Rhododendron. If you'd like to preview the development, check out the address below for the shared clubhouse space.

Call the vacation property manager at Cottonwood Properties, listed below, for details and reservations.

Jacks Mtn Dostie2.jpeg