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Dec. 19, 2017, 12:39 p.m.

Downtown Marion - It's Changing!


What's new? This!

Downtown Marion is experiencing its own version of a cultural renaissance. There is a heavy dose of positive energy running up and down Main Street, connecting the arts with local music, craft beer, mead, coffee and food.  Walk the 3/10 (yep, it's .3 mile) where you'll find new, locally owned businesses including Keeper's Kut Meadery (opening spring 2018), Spillway Bridge & Company, a music hall/tap room/bourban bar also featuring a Wednesday Night Bluegrass Jam, Burrito Brothers serving authentic Mexican cuisine, Refinery 13 Taproom and special event venue, Shucks Pearls Marion Holiday House and opening New Year's Eve is Mica Town Brewing.  

Also in the 3/10, the heart of downtown the McDowell Arts Council and Gift Shop, Crooked Door Coffee House, lunch or dinner at Crabby Abby's, weekday lunch goodies at Bruce's Fabulous Foods and cocktails at After 5 Bar. More to come, stay tuned!