Oct. 12, 2018, 4:07 p.m.

Friday Fall Leaf Report - October 12th


Today certainly felt like fall, with temps in the 50s. At 1:30 pm, it was 58 degrees at Blue Ridge Parkway Milepost 323.  The views are tremendous, today is a crystal clear day with gorgeous blue skies.  

Leaves.  They're a little behind in their work, the "color conversion" remains to be seen.  Sycamore leaves and a few Dogwoods are turning red.  The lower evening temperatures with warm days will speed up the process.  

Remember, our higher elevations are in the 2500 to 4000 feet above sea level range.  Colors will first appear there, in our Blue Ridge Parkway communities in and around Linville Falls and Little Switzerland.  A gradual change will take place as you descend the Parkway, into Marion, Lake James, and Old Fort.  Stay tuned, make reservations, see you soon!