Sept. 23, 2020, 1:19 p.m.

It's Fall Ya'll!

Blue Ridge Parkway Tree Curve

It's here and with the new season are questions about the fall leaf season. Because of the rainy summer months, professional forecasters see bright colors in our future.

When will the process begin? Typically, to see spectacular colors, the third weekend of October is the optimum time to visit the higher elevations. This area includes Little Switzerland, Linville Falls, and our region of the Blue Ridge Parkway between Mt. Mitchell State Park to Linville Falls.

We're fortunate to have an extended leaf season! Following the high country peak weekend, colors gradually continue to change in October and early November. Take the backcountry roads surrounding Marion, Old Fort, and Lake James. The Lake James Loop is a favorite ride!

Check our weekly Monday "Fall Leaf Report" beginning September 28th. We're here if you have any questions. 828-668-4282