Oct. 11, 2019, 10:23 a.m.

October 14th - Fall Leaf Report


There is an exciting level of energy surrounding the fall leaf season! We're like children preparing for a big birthday bash or holiday, we simply cannot wait to see the splendid mountain colors. For all of us anxiously awaiting the "big day," I have good news.

It's happening!  The higher elevations between Linville Falls and Mt. Mitchell State Park are displaying more color this week.  Cooler temperatures and a bit of rain are the important, primary ingredients needed to initiate spectacular colors.  While we cannot predict the weather, high elevations may peak over the weekend.  At those elevations above 3500 feet above sea level, professional forecasters predict peak color dates around October 20th.  

How to best experience these fantastic colors?  Take a drive, off the beaten path and avoid the crowds.  The Lake James Loop is a "curvy" driving route that dramatically changes elevations, opening to lovely vistas and mountain landscapes.  Stop by our office to pick up the map or call to request a copy.  We'll help you find the best mountain backroads and colors.