The Catawba Falls trail is closed until spring of 2024. Click here to find alternative waterfall and hiking trails.

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Peavine Trail

The Peavine Rail Line, once an active Norfolk Southern Railway line, is included in the company's "rails to trails" program.  A 2.4 mile section is open to to the public to enjoy as a walking or bicycle trail.  There are two sections of this trail.  One is available from Marion's State Street Rescue Squad parking area and the second entrance is located behind the Mi Pueblito Restaurant on Rutherford Road in Marion.  The State Street section is 1.5 miles, ending at the railroad trestle.  The City is working with other partners to secure the trestle area as an overpass on the trail.  At the time of this entry, the trestle remains closed.  Walkers/bikers must retrace their steps back to the Rescue Squad area.