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Forming of the Militia

10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Davidson's Fort Historic Park

In August of 1776, Gen. Griffith Roderford tasked Col. Martin Armstrong with the job of gathering together and training 2,400 militia soldiers to march against the Cherokee, whose people were attempting to aid the British in dismantling the Colonial frontier. At Davidson's Fort Historic Park, we replicate (on a smaller scale) the training and the work that went into organizing the militia. Witness and experience the lives of Western North Carolina men as they lived through recruitment, training and then fighting to defend the new Country of the United States.  Demonstrations during this all day event include rug-making, Cherokee Pottery, Native American/Indigenous artifacts, Tomahawk throwing, and much more.  Come see a recreation of a historic skirmish (battle) in the afternoon at Davidsons Fort in Old Fort, NC.