Your mom was right, playing outdoors is important, for everyone! Unplug and explore our region of the Pisgah National Forest. You'll find it's easily accessible year-round when you take the Interstate 40 exits at 73, 75, 85 or 86 in Old Fort and Marion. Exit 73 brings you to our visitor center at 91 South Catawba Avenue where you'll find free maps, directions, and answers to your travel questions.

Our region of the Blue Ridge hosts more than 200 miles of hiking, biking, and waterfall trails and the Blue Ridge Parkway serves as our northern border. A few favorite trails and rides are Kitsuma Peak/Young's Ridge, Jarrett's Creek, Heartbreak Ridge, Woods Mountain, Catawba Falls, and Crabtree Falls. Beginner and intermediate mountain bikers, check out the 15 miles of trails at Lake James State Park. Tom's Creek Falls is an easy hike for beginners with benches and a handicap viewing station.

Need a guide? Call The Catawba Angler or NC Outdoor Adventures. They're fishing, floating, and climbing experts!

Looking for a scenic drive? Follow the Lake James Loop, it's a quiet two-hour ride on scenic backroads joining the Parkway and circling Lake James. Along the way stop by Bear Creek Marina, the Orchard at Altapass, Little Switzerland, and Linville Caverns.

Rainy day ideas? Marion's Feisty Goldfish, indoor roller skating at Marion Hot Wheelz, Historic Carson House Museum and Old Fort's Mountain Gateway Museum.

What to do at night? Marion's Spillway Bridge & Music Hall spotlights regional musicians on the weekend. Wednesday nights are bluegrass jam sessions, check out the local talent. Visit Marion's 310 District, we have a map with details and locations. Old Fort options include tastings or dinner at Hillman Beer and walk a few yards down the street to visit Whaley Brewing and Farm Stand. Our event calendar features more ideas.

During the "age of COVID-19" always call ahead to indoor venues to ask about restrictions, hours, and options.

Need other ideas?  Call us! 888-233-6111