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Discover the Wineries of McDowell County, NC

The Blue Ridge Mountains and McDowell County are celebrated for their diverse wildlife, rich flora and fauna, extensive trails, and cultural history. But did you know that wineries thrive here as well?

Elevated Vineyards for Exceptional Wines

The higher elevation vineyards in these mountains provide grapes with warm days and cool evenings, resulting in happy, delicious grapes. Enjoy wine tastings on a deck beneath the trees or in an open-air tasting room overlooking the mountains. You might even share a glass of wine with the vintner or get a personal tour of the vineyard.

Plan Your Winery Visit Today

Explore the wineries in McDowell County, NC, and enjoy the unique flavors and beautiful settings they offer. Embrace the local wine scene and make your visit to the Blue Ridge Mountains unforgettable.The opportunities to create lasting memories in McDowell County are just a stemmed glass away. Salut, y’all!