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Mountain Top Shuttles

You gotta get up to get down! Let Mountain Top Shuttle Service help you make the most of your day with a lift up the mountain.

Mountain Top Shuttles provides bike shuttle service from downtown Old Fort to nearby upper mountain trailheads.  Riders navigate various trails to return back to town.

The Kitsuma/Bernard shuttle drops riders near the Kitsuma Trailhead in Ridgecrest.  Beginner riders and families can descend the paved Point Lookout Trail to the Old Fort Picnic Area where they ride downhill on Old US 70 to town (approximately 7 miles).  Intermediate riders can choose the newly constructed Bernard Mountain Trail or the more advanced classic Kitsuma Trail.

The Parkway shuttle takes riders to the base of Mt. Mitchell park on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  From here riders can choose multiple routes to descend back to Old Fort via gravel roads and trails.

“We built our business as a generator for all the local businesses in town.  Riders meet at our new coffee shop, Seeker Coffee and the return to town thirsty and hungry for a sit down at one of our town’s breweries or eateries.  The shuttle makes our steep trails more accessible while encouraging visitors to spend more time getting to know the town of Old Fort.” - Jeremy, co-owner MTS

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