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Old Fort Gateway Trail System

June 26th marked the opening of Phase I of the Old Fort Gateway Trail System. Phase I is six miles of spectacular, multi-use trails that are part of a 42-mile trail expansion project located outside Old Fort, NC adjacent to Curtis Creek Road.

These user-friendly trails in Pisgah National Forest allow hikers and trail runners to do endless loops by connecting Gateway, Foundation, Forager, and Oak Hollow trails back to Jarrett Creek Road. Mountain bikers climb Jarrett Creek Road picking up Gateway, Jarrett's Run, and Betty's Run downhill and back to the parking lot.

OF Gateway Trails Flyer.jpeg

Equestrian users will enjoy climbing up Salt Gap to connect Oak Hollow and Forager back to Jarrett Creek Rd. to the parking lot.

​You'll find lots of parking, outdoor toilets, and bear-safe trash receptacles. Please, before heading onto a trail, check your vehicle for food wrappers, containers, mints, gum, drinks, etc., and properly dispose of them in the bear-safe trash cans. Remember, leave no trace and enjoy these marvelous new trails!

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