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Euda Wine

Euda Wine is run by husband and wife team Michael and Abi McGeary.

Michael began his wine career working in restaurants. Originally wanting to pursue a life in the service industry, he obtained his sommelier certification. In 2012 he took an opportunity to work a wine harvest in Napa, CA and fell in love with winemaking. He spent the next few years working in various regions throughout the world, including 3 more harvests in Napa as well as harvests in New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, and Switzerland. Eventually he went back to school to obtain his MSc in Viticulture and Enology at HES-SO Changins in Nyon, Switzerland. When he returned to the US in 2018, Michael landed on the East Coast to be closer to his home state of North Carolina. He worked in Virginia and most recently Maryland, where he was the Winemaker and Vineyard Manager at Rocklands Farm Winery.

Abi is originally from Louisiana and has spent the bulk of her career in social work and therapy. While she kept her day job when starting this adventure, Abi is intimately involved in running Euda Wine as well as event planning. She is also a highly skilled taster, due to her love of cooking. Thus she serves as the quality control manager for all wines.

The two moved to Old Fort in 2022 to open Euda Wine. The idea is to capture the concept of eudaimonia in this project. To make great wine and share it with those in the community, with a down to earth, no nonsense approach.